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NRA on Ad: ‘It Wasn’t About [Obama’s] Daughters’


NRA president David Keene defended the organization’s ad released this morning, which has came under fire for the fact that it highlighted that President Obama’s children went to a school that had armed security guards.

“It wasn’t about his daughters. It was about elites,” Keene says in response to the criticism, noting that David Gregory and others besides the President were also depicted in the spot, “thinking that their children go to schools with security while they deride the idea of security for most people’s kids. That’s what it’s about. It’s about hypocrisy, not about the president’s daughters.”

The NRA has no intention of apologizing or pulling the ad.

“We didn’t name the president’s daughters,” Keene adds. “We didn’t criticize them. What we said is that these are people who think that their families deserve protection that yours don’t.” 

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