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NRA Doubles Down on Guns in Schools

As I’ve already said, I neither think having armed guards at schools is a crazy idea nor think Wayne LaPierre was right to advocate some national legislative push for their installation.

But I was both a-mused and b-mused by the president’s endorsement of more guns in schools (on the persons of “school resource officers”) during his speech today, coming as it did after all of polite society has spent the last month calling for LaPierre to be fitted for a straitjacket for proposing the exact same thing. The NRA should recut this highly effective ad with Obama’s announcement as ironic coda.

I think the ad is a bit much in places. Not a fan of the red stamp “Hypocrites,” for instance. That particular graphic trick has been stale in political ads for 20 years. And words like “rich” and “elite” should be taken out of the equation if we’re serious about avoiding class warfare. David Gregory and Piers Morgan are not anti-gun because they are rich. There are rich people in Texas.

But what struck me watching the vid — and monitoring the liberals on my Twitter feed for their responses — is what a thoroughly American institution the National Rifle Association is. One lefty I follow called the video “fascistic.” But it’s precisely the opposite, isn’t it? I mean, here we have an ideologically unified, highly disciplined, politically engaged group of some 4.3 million people with guns, and instead of fitting David Gregory and Piers Morgan for pain collars at one of their work camps, they are, you know, participating in democracy. What a country.


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