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NRA’s Chris Cox: Gorsuch Confirmation was a ‘Monumental Victory for American Freedom’

How is Chris Cox, the director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, feeling about the new Trump administration so far? He’s practically bursting with effusive praise for the new president and his team.

“He was our candidate, the most proudly pro-Second Amendment nominee in American history,” Cox said in the inaugural address of the NRA convention’s Leadership Forum. “So we made the earliest endorsement for president the NRA’s history. And all of you had his back from that moment on.”

From Cox’s perspective, the election of Donald Trump in 2016 has already brought tangible benefits for America’s gun owners. “Now, thanks to you, a true defender of constitutional principles, Justice Neil Gorsuch, sits on the U.S. Supreme Court! His appointment alone is a monumental victory for American freedom.”

Cox went on to praise selected members of Trump’s cabinet, calling them “an all-star team of principled leaders.” He began with Vice President Mike Pence, calling him, “committed to faith, family, and the God-given principles that make this country great. And thanks to you, he’s fighting for us every day.”

He said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will need “a hazmat suit to clean up the poisoned, politicized disgrace of a legacy left by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. But if anyone has the passion and integrity to restore the rule of law, it’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

He added that America’s “enemies truly fear us again, because General James “Mad Dog” Mattis runs the Department of Defense.” Mattis’ name garnered loud applause and plenty of audible “oorah”s.

Cox said that the organization will continue to push for National Right to Carry Reciprocity, which would allow concealed carry holders to lawfully carry their weapons outside of their home state.

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