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Last Call: NRI Seeks Applicants for 2016 Washington and New York Fellows

Did you skip the political-science courses in school, while preparing for your career in other fields? Are you right-leaning, but wish you knew more about the foundational principles of conservatism?

Have we got a fellowship for you! Explore the great thinkers and ideas of conservatism – from Burke to Buckley – through the National Review Institute’s Regional Fellows program. It’s a unique opportunity to fine tune your perspective on modern political questions, and to join a growing national network of like-minded peers from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

The National Review Institute is now accepting applications for its 2016 Regional Fellows programs in Washington, DC and New York City. An ideal candidate will have at least ten years of work experience, will not work in politics or policy, and will not have studied political science at an advanced level. A diverse group of 20–25 mid-career professionals will be selected in each city to participate in an early-2016 series of eight weeknight-dinner seminars. For each session, Fellows will be expected to complete a 25–30-page reading assignment, which the group will then discuss with a leading conservative thinker.

The program is based on a syllabus created by NRI board-member and celebrated academic Daniel J. Mahoney. Incorporating readings from Burke to Buckley, the syllabus fosters a rigorous examination of the principles of a free society and how they apply to the issues of the day.

Of course you want to participate. To be considered for a place in either the Washington, D.C. or New York City 2016 Regional Fellows programs, candidates must submit a résumé, cover letter, and references through the online forms linked at the bottom of the NRI Regional Fellows page no later than Monday, December 7, 2015.


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