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NRI’s ‘Future of Conservatism’ Summit — Be There.

This January 25th to the 27th, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, the National Review Institute will be hosting a big got-to-be-there Future of Conservatism Summit to assess the conservative movement’s priorities and forge the way ahead. So far the line-up of confirmed speakers includes Governors Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal, Senator-elect Ted Cruz, Congressman Paul Ryan, Charles Krauthammer, Mark Steyn, Artur Davis, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Mukasey, Mia Love, Ralph Reed, Arthur Brooks, Robert Costa, Andy McCarthy, John Allison, Monica Crowley, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Reihan Salam, Kellyanne Conway, Travis Brown, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Mukasey, Rich Lowry, Mona Charen, Peter Thiel, John Fund, Mark Krikorian, Jay Nordlinger, John O’Sullivan, Heather Higgins, Charles Kesler, James Pethokoukis, Darcy Olsen, Rob Long, Ed Whelan, John Hood, with more confirming daily. There will be speeches, panel sessions, debates, two “Night Owls,” and, guaranteed, plenty of inspiration. The cost for the Summit is only $250.00 (which includes all meals, receptions, and participation at all events), and the Omni has special discounted hotel rates. Sign up today here.


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