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Nro Is…

The Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu waza Banga of the world wide frick’n web! Kathryn, let’s take an extra moment to gaze at the company NRO is counted among:

* ABC News. Has built its political Web site around ”The Note,” a daily insider Web log that is considered among the best.

* AOL. Easy to use, with plenty of wire copy.

* CNN. Very user friendly, solid information.

* MSNBC. Lots of information, but easy to get lost.

* The National Review online. Tart, breezy, snide and fun.

* The New York Times. Most balanced of all sites studied, lots of access to other Web sites, different personality from the newspaper.

* More conventional, less edgy than in 2000.

* USA TODAY. A lot like the newspaper. Safe, not too edgy, interpretive or analytical.

* The Washington Post. The richest of all sites, but hard to navigate, a bit cluttered.

* Yahoo. Once a home for old wire copy, now one-stop shopping for campaign coverage from outlets across the country.

I would bet our budget is less than 1% of any of these operations, and if you take Salon out of the mix less than .01%. I wouldn’t care if they called us “crapulent dung beetles” (and I’m a little surprised they didn’t). That’s excellent company to be in and we have Kathryn to thank for it more than anyone else.


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