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Get the new May 19, 2008 issue of NR shipped to you pronto, first class. Five bucks covers it all.

What a great issue: Stanley Kurtz’s cover essay, which is a thorough guide to the radical theology of Obama eminence gris Jeremiah Wright, is a profound must read. The back of the book contains some of America’s greatest writers: Ross Douthat contributes yet another smash movie review (this time on Baby Mama), Florence King pokes body language with her “Bent Pin” column, Mark Steyn’s “Happy Warrior” hurls a lance into wacko race theories, Rick Brookhiser expounds from the “City Desk” on young America’s infatuation with “The Show,” and elsewhere there’s Ramesh Ponnuru on Senator Bob Corker, and Andy McCarthy on Gitmo, and John Derbyshire and Byron York and Rob Long and . . . look, if you want a typical (and superior)  issue of NR, this is it. Order here.


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