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NRO Novel (cont.)

My first paragraph ended:

…Beyond the study window, trees were surrendering their leaves to a chill late-October wind.

Since collegaues have not taken up the challenge, I offer a second paragraph, thus:

Suddenly a shadow fell on the room.  The window imploded, shards and fragments of glass raining down on Smith and his work surfaces.  A strange figure was now in the room, still clutching at the rope with which he must have rappelled down to the window from the house roof.  Though standing upright, the creature was plainly some species of giant turtle.  Green in color, he sported a ninja headband and a cloth belt in which were stuffed a pair of nunchakus.

“Who are you?” cried Winston Smith in panic.

“Calm your fears, writer person,” soothed the turtle.  “I have been charged with a grave mission, and need your assistance.  The Republican Party is in danger!….”

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