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I think that should be pronouncy Enrology, by the way. Anyway, this reader — and a few like him — wants to know who plays well together and who doesn’t:


I used to get the impression that you and Ramesh got along quite well. While reading The Corner lately, I have the impression that there are some hostile feelings between the two of you. You also seemed to have a bit of a heated debate, dare I call it an intellectual fight, with someone the other day. I’m sorry I don’t remember who it was with or what it was about.

I guess it wouldn’t be proper to respond to this topic in The Corner, but my curiosity is aroused as to whom you -meaning the other writers also- get along with and how heated do your debates get.

Here is an idea a creative person like you could take off with. The newest smash animated tv show is “The Halls of NRO!” It’s about a group of junior high school aspiring conservative pundits at war with the liberal world around them… but also each other.

Pardon the silly and meaningless nature of this email.

Me: For the record Ramesh and I get along great — as do our spouses. As for the rest of the NR posse, it’s hard to say. I’m convinced, for example, that Rick Brookhiser framed me for a murder in Mexico once. But that’s a story that will have to wait for the whacky sitcom.


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