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I’m not mentioned as a speaker on the London cruise. I assume this is a mere oversight.

Nevertheless, I think it’s time to revisit my old idea for an NRO “cruise” for those who don’t quite have the shmundo to drop on an ocean-going trip.

Years ago, I suggested an NRO bus cruise. We would rent one or two really cool John Madden or rock star style buses. Have a full wet bar, some TVs for re-runs of everything from Roadhouse (an American classic among my earliest readers, as well as among most scholars) to old episodes of Firing Line. We could start from wherever and pick some cool destination like Vegas and stop along the way to see the world’s largest ball of twine, eat the best hoagie and have “seminars” of some kind en route (maybe we’d rent out a room at a brewery). It wouldn’t be cheap, but it’d be cheaper than a cruise — and shorter. Like a three day road trip. People who lived nearby could meet us for some of the events.

I still think NRO On The Road is a great idea but, alas, the suits remain unpersuaded.


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