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I don’t really study this stuff anymore now that I’m a senile figurehead type here at NRO. But I thought this was interesting. From my probationary  SEO Guy:

Subject: playboys blog ranking 

Hey Jonah,

I am a.. let’s be kind and say “up and coming” SEO expert. SEO is

“search engine optimization”. It’s huge in internet marketing and

getting huger, if I may.

Now, a little tool that ships out with Google’s Toolbar is a tiny meter

that says “pagerank”. Pagerank is ginormous. Pagerank is almost

everything when it comes to how important a page is in relation to its

subject matter when Google goes out and spiders the internet for

relevant content.

Now, just so you know – Captain’s Quarters (I recall being listed #1

blog by Playboy?) has a pagerank 6. The Corner (and the rest of NRO, for

that matter) has a page rank 7. (These are on a scale of 0-10.)

Now, a six and a seven may not seem like much? But, in actuality, I’ve

heard it said by people FAR smarter than me in this SEO game, that it

can take as much effort to get a “high six” as all the effort combined

to get a “low six”. So, a 7 is huge. In other words, it might take

something like 10,000 incoming links (from other websites) to get

someone to a rank 4. And then 100,000 to get them to a 5. Imagine the

difference between a six and a seven. It becomes less a multiplier and

more like an exponential.

I’m sorry to say that has a pagerank 8. 🙁 Of course, given

Google’s leanings, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cheated. *grin*

Anyway, wanted to give you my two bits on your importance to the world

of blogging.

Other examples of pageranked websites: – 8  – 9 – 9 (!!??!!) – 9 – 9 – 10 – 8 – 7  – 8

Hope this helps. Hey, can I be your “SEO Guy”? 🙂


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