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Nro Scavenger Hunt

Peter – Funny you mention this. I was telling Rich not long ago that I thought it would be fun to launch an occasional feature at NRO where we set readers on a scavenger hunt of some kind. My idea would be to enlist various NR types to construct riddles, trivia questions, historical arcana, puzzles, poems whatever that would reveal new clues toward finding a hidden NRO-Treasure. I suspect Derb would be particularly good at the math riddles. We could reveal the riddle on a Monday and provide the answer on a Friday. Anyone who figured it out before then would have a headstart.

We could launch it in one city or go nationwide or whatever. Contestants could bring digital cameras and send in pictures of their “adventures.” I’m not entirely sure why I think this is a good idea, but I think something along these lines could be a lot of fun and extend further NRO’s wacky, pioneering, fun-loving NRO-ness. I haven’t passed the idea by K-Lo yet (though I suppose I just did) and I haven’t exactly thought it all through. But maybe in the Spring we can figure something out. Or…maybe not. I have these crazy ideas all the time and my colleagues generally humor me until I forget them.


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