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NRO Should Take a Bus Trip to Salt Lake City on the road to the white house

To: Kathryn Lopez

Subject: Tab Choir

That’s what my wife calls it anyway. She’s a big fan, and her high school choir teacher was in the Tab Choir. In fact, it’s my wife’s secret ambition to be in the choir one day, herself.

Anyway, if you really are a fan, I thought you may like to know they will be in Chautauqua , New York next June as part of their 2007 tour. Not sure how close that is to you, but it may be a nice getaway.

If that’s not your scene, you could always come out here to Utah, where you can catch “Music and the Spoken Word” in person, for free , on any Sunday morning. I’ve been, and it’s great. We have a spare bedroom if you need a place to stay.

Take care,

P.S. Having a hard time imagining the choir doing DD covers. Maybe “Union of the Snake” with the Orchestra at Temple Square – but that’s it.

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