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—The Good Fight—

Victor Davis Hanson and Mona Charen on Iraq

—Super Tuesday

Charles Krauthammer and Byron York on the elections

Mark Klugman on those other elections

—On the Ballot—

Rich Lowry on the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative

Colleen Carroll Campbell on Amendment 2

—Media Politics—

Thomas Sowell on the sacrosanct Michael J. Fox

Jonah Goldberg on immigration

Denis Boyles on the election coverage from the Europeans

William McGowan on the Gray Lady

From the Editors

Jay Nordlinger’s Impromptus

Radio Free Derbyshire

Window on the Week

NRO on Culture

Thomas Hibbs on reading Lolita in Columbia

Peter Suderman on Borat and the ugly American

Geoffrey Norman on the great showdown

Money Matters

Larry Kudlow quizzes the Veep on the economy

J. Edward Carter on our shrinking federal surpluses

Thomas E. Nugent on our durable boom

John Tamny on watching the Fed watching us

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