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Nro & The Trilateral Commission

Just kidding.

But since posting the piece on Bush’s human-rights accomplishments at the U.N., I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail explaining to me how bad the U.N. is. Don’t worry, I’m still more Paul Johnson than Kofi Annan, but since the U.N. exists, we ought to make some use of it, and that’s exactly what Bush has done on sex trafficking most notably—an issue I recognize too awful most people don’t want to know about (which e-mails have confirmed in the last 24 hours, too), but that the U.S. has taken a real lead on. (And I do think he stuck that body, in front of the whole world, with some much-needed, serious existential questions re: Iraq.)

And yeah, I do think that, at the end of the day, while some of his prescriptions are not what we ordered, and his heart leads him unwisely astray (immigration), this administration has restored the black and white hues to the White House–no more B.S. gray. Some might cringe when he gets touchy feely at a mosque instead of calling on moderate Muslims to take a stand and make their existence known and expose the preachers of hate, but Can you imagine what a previous administration might have done—one so many issues.

So our people ask, Is he taking the right for granted? I think the better question is, how much was he right on that a President Gore would not have been. And a Kerry wouldn’t be. And then prioritize. There are things, after all, that can eventually be fixed with a little amendment to an appropriations bill and other things it’ll be too late for.

And to think–the poor guy (I know, I know, world’s smallest violin, he ran, after all–but I’m still grateful he did and is)–his SOTU was supposedly (I know it’s so, CNN told me so) a laundry list meant for us!


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