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NR’s Fall Webathon: Stand against the ‘Age of Conformity’

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr. (National Review)

On the first day of NR’s Fall Webathon, readers like you donated more than $21,000 to the cause of National Review’s conservative journalism. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

For 65 years, the Left has sneeringly claimed that this magazine is on its way out of business. Well, NR is still standing — thanks entirely to readers like you. And this year, we celebrate National Review Online’s 25th anniversary.

Twenty-five years of holding both the Left and the Right to account.

Twenty-five years of groundbreaking conservative commentary, complete with coverage of the stories you won’t see anywhere else.

Twenty-five years of holding firm against the cultural Zeitgeist, whether that was the Right’s slow drift toward surrendering to “comprehensive immigration reform” or today’s woke party line on the left.

Twenty-five years of mixing it up with all comers. Twenty-five years of testing ideas, rejecting the bad ones, and making the good ones better. Twenty-five years of Charlie Cooke and Kevin Williamson. Twenty-five years of Jim Geraghty and Kyle Smith. Twenty-five years of Andy McCarthy‘s insightful legal commentary and Jack Butler’s bad Dune takes.

Twenty-five years of building a community with you, our faithful readers.

If NR is a part of your life, I invite you to join that community by subscribing to NRPlus. Join it with a generous donation to the National Review webathon. Join it, and stand against the “age of conformity” in which — as the editors of this magazine wrote in NR’s 1955 mission statement — liberals keep trying to impose “radical social experimentation.”

Come hell or high water, we’ll keep fighting. But we would love to have your support.


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