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What a lineup of great titles, offering something for everyone from toddlers to teens:


  • The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories, original volume, contains Thornton Burgess’s 10 delightful tales about Reddy Fox, Johnny Chuck, Peter Cottontail, Unc’ Billy Possum, Mistah Mocker, Jerry Muskrat, Danny Meadow Mouse, Grandfather Frog, Chatterer the Red Squirrel, Sammy Jay, and the other colorful and loveable denizens of the “Green Meadows” and the “Briar Patch.” A beautiful hardcover featuring some 60 exquisite illustrations by the renowned Harrison Cady, this is perfect for young readers. And if you’re looking for a book that will provide mom and dad and grandparents week after week of bedtime reading for wee ones before they’re tucked in, then look no further. Order here.


  • NEW! The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories, Volume Two. Burgess’ final 10 adventures stories, these starring Buster Bear, Old Mr. Toad, Prickly Porky, Old Man Coyote, Paddy the Beaver, Poor Mrs. Quack, Bobby Coon, Jimmy Skunk, Bob White, and Ol’ Mistah Buzzard. Order here. Or get both Bedtime books here.


  • BACK IN PRINT! The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature, original volume. Over three dozen wholesome tales, personally selected by William F. Buckley Jr., are found in this critically acclaimed 528-page gorgeous hardcover, along with over a hundred illustrations. Tales by the literary giants of 19th and 20th centuries – Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Louisa May Alcott, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Jack London, L. Frank Baum, and many more. Order here. Great for kids 10 and up!


  • The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature, Volume Two. As big and as beautiful and as crammed with superior, wholesome, and instructive tales and fables as the original edition – but then what else would you expect from a collection by William F. Buckley Jr.?! Featuring Twain, Kipling, Alcott, Burnett, London, Baum, Thornton Burgess, Joel Chandler Harris, Ellis Parker Butler, and so many more great authors. A must for every home, you can order this great book here, or do the wise thing and order both Children’s Literature volumes here.  


  • NEW! Pepper & Salt and The Wonder Clock – special boxed set collection of two stunningly beautiful and classic books by the great artist/author Howard Pyle. Founder of the famous Brandywine School, Pyle was as accomplished a writer of wonderful children’s tales as he was an acclaimed artist. These are two of the most prized books of American children’s literature, and their tales (accompanied by hundreds of stunning Pyle drawings) are as instructive and entertaining today as they were when first published in the 1880s. Children who love books will adore these – you can order the Howard Pyle collection here. Great for kids 10 and up!


  • SPECIAL OFFER! Get all of our kids books and save $40 (plus we’ll ship them to you free by UPS Ground, and we’ll throw in a free copy of L. Frank Baum’s revered Queen Zixi of Ix, or the Story of the Magic Cloak, while supplies last)! Order here.

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