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NRSC Video: ‘Carmona Files – Volume 3: Financial Mismanagement’

The NRSC is out with a new web video on Arizona Democratic senate candidate Richard Carmona:

A fuller account with both sides’ takes on these incidents can be read here


“Richard Carmona loves to brag about his resume,” said NRSC executive director Rob Jesmer in a statement, “but what he doesn’t tell you is that on numerous occasions he has bullied his colleagues, been fired for his actions and then proceeds to sue his former employer. This is a critical election for our country, and Arizonans deserve to know who the real Richard Carmona is.”  

“All this shows is how desperate Congressman Flake and allies are,” says Carmona communications director Andy Barr. “This is the same party that tried to get Dr. Carmona to run for Governor and for Congress — and that nominated him to become Surgeon General. For them to be attacking the same person they were once begging to run shows how dishonest these attacks are.”

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