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NRSC’s Strategy for Sharron Angle

Showing that he’s learned the lessons of Rand Paul, NRSC Chair Sen. Jon Cornyn (Texas) said that he won’t be focusing on policy issues with Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle, he’ll be focusing on winning:

“We’re going to talk about do you have the campaign manager that you need, do you have the pollster, and those sorts of things,” said Cornyn. “Winning an election is not rocket science, but it does take some discipline and it does take some organization. That’s what we will hope to add value to.”

Asked about the fact that the NRSC had helped to recruit former state GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden into the race, Cornyn said the committee supports the will of the voters.

“Now that they have spoken, we were solidly behind Sharron Angle,” Cornyn said. “In the most recent public opinion polls, she’s actually leading Harry Reid. So I don’t think that this isany day for Harry to be giddy or popping champagne corks. I think he’s in very deep trouble.”

Good. The more this race becomes about Harry Reid the better.


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