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Nullification, Madison-Style

Christian, good work on the Mess in Madison. If the folks behind the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact get their way, the lopsided vote totals in Dane County (97 percent to 3 percent in some wards!), which appear to have provided Kloppenburg with her narrow victory, could be the shape of things to come.

I’ve been banging on from the beginning that Wisconsin is a proving-ground for new forms of electoral weaponry, a kind of Spanish Civil War in which larger forces are fighting a proxy war before the big show next year. (Note to trolls: that is the extent of the analogy.) And as we all know around here, the Left never, ever gives up — especially not when their livelihood is threatened; sneering tenacity is just about their only admirable quality. So, by any means necessary, Gov. Scott Walker must be defeated, even if it means nakedly politicizing a supposedly “non-partisan” election in the hopes of overturning Walker’s mandate through the simple medium of a reliable 4–3 vote on the state supreme court.

Presto! Electoral nullification!

If the National Popular Vote end-run around the Electoral College is allowed to succeed, each member state eventually will be required to cast all its electoral votes for the winner of the national popular vote once enough states have joined to acquire a controlling majority, i.e. at least 270 votes, in the Electoral College. While apparently “fair,” this would mean in effect that the big urban centers would effectively control the country — and we all know how the major urban areas tend to vote. It’s all part of the ongoing leftist campaign to degrade the Founders’ concept of a union of sovereign states and replace it with a centralized federal leviathan. It’s so much easier to control the populace that way. 

The dream of taming the pesky upstate “hayseeds” was a dream of the Irish bosses who ran Tammany Hall in New York City. Here’s the great George Washington Plunkitt his own good self, as transcribed by William Riordan in the pocket classic, Plunkitt of Tammany Hall:

Say, you hear a lot about the downtrodden people of Ireland and the Russian peasants and the sufferin’ Boers. Now, let me tell you that they have more real freedom and home rule than the people of this grand and imperial city.

But just as the public employees and dole recipients of Dane County (perhaps augmented by a little creative vote-totaling) may have swung the judicial election to the liberal and thus defeated the voters in the rest of the state, so will a handful of metropolitan areas — New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, the Bay Area, Los Angeles — effectively control the entire country by guaranteeing that the electoral votes of New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and California would likely always go to the Democrat. Which means you’re already halfway to 270, right out of the box.

Ninety-seven to three? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. 

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