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Number Theory Meets The Apocalypse

I couldn’t resist this — sent in by a reader. He is referring to the

number of the Beast in Rev. 13:18.


OK, we all know that 666 is the number of the Beast, but did you know


670 – Approximate number of the Beast

DCLXVI – Roman numeral of the Beast

666.0000000 – Number of the High Precision Beast

665.9999954 – Number of the Pentium Beast

0.666 – Number of the Millibeast

/666 – Beast Common Denominator

666 x sq. rt (-1) – Imaginary number of the Beast

1010011010 – Binary of the Beast

1-666 – Area code of the Beast

00666 – Zip code of the Beast

1-900-666-0666 – Live Beasts! One-on-one pacts! Call Now! Only $6.66/minute.

Over 18 only please.

$665.95 – Retail price of the Beast

$699.25 – Price of the Beast plus 5% state sales tax

$769.95 – Price of the Beast with all accessories and replacement soul

$606.66 – Wal-Mart price of the Beast

$566.66 – Costco/Price Club price of the Beast

$0,00 – Home Depot price of the Beast, that aisle is closed at the moment

Phillips 666 – Gasoline of the Beast

Route 666 – Way of the Beast

666 F – Oven temperature for roast Beast

666k – Retirement plan of the Beast

666 mg – Recommended Minimum Daily Requirement of Beast

6.66 % – 5 year CD interest rate at First Beast of Hell National Bank,

$666 -minimum deposit.

Lotus 6-6-6 – Spreadsheet of the Beast

Word 6.66 – Word Processor of the Beast

i66686 – CPU of the Beast

666i – BMW of the Beast

DSM-666 (revised) – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Beast

668 – Next-door neighbor of the Beast

– Number of the Blonde Beast

uh… what was that number again?

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