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Nurse Goes to War on Bad Congressional Use of Taxpayer Money Earmarked for Women’s Health

Planned Parenthood performed more abortions last year than ever, as its annual report shows. The news comes as Diane Black, a nurse from Tennessee, filed a bill in the House of Representatives that would defund Planned Parenthood.

Why fight this battle after an election year where a campaign that insisted that Republicans, pro-life Americans, the Catholic Church, were waging a “war on women” won?

(I’m mean, besides the fact that this is a insidious bastion of the culture of death we’re funding.)

Because, Representative Black suggests, besides however you feel about abortion, “there are good alternatives” to giving taxpayer money to the flagship for “the big money abortion industry.”

Black stresses that “dollars are not being taken away from good family planning services” if the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, her proposal, were to actually become law.

“I’ve been in the room when life comes into this world,” the congresswoman says, and “as a female and as a nurse” this is a priority for her, having fought similar battles in the Tennessee statehouse.

She believes her position is a welcoming one for an expansive coalition, not some annual quixotic march of pro-lifers through the Republican House and  Fox News’ studios. “Even people who are pro-abortion can agree that we shouldn’t be using taxpayer dollars” to fund the country’s largest abortion provider, she believes. But that requires a little education, and a little more rigor that assuming that a renewal of the Hyde amendment completely blocks taxpayer funding from funding abortion or propping up the industry leader, which it obviously does not.

Her claim is lent some added credibility when even Planned Parenthood affiliates are stepping away from the flagship abortion business. Planned Parenthood of South Central New York, for instance, has broken away on account of Planned Parenthood’s abortion quotas. And Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, has been sounding the alarm since she saw the light about what exactly she was doing there, and realized it was not actually helping women and children, but was instead extinguishing and helping to immiserate lives. “We get a little closer every time,” she says about the Abortion Provider Prohibition Act.

Representative Black emphasizes that, as we mark the 40th anniversary of Roe, “we celebrate life,” so it’s important for Congress to set this marker protecting taxpayer money from propping up the culture of death.


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