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Nurses Now Need Lawyers in Canada

Canada is on the verge of allowing nurses to euthanize patients. 

Until the law is clarified in this regard, a major nurses association is recommending that members get lawyers if asked to kill a patient. From the College of Registered Nurses of BC advisory:

At this point, work is underway to clarify the role of the nurse in the PAD process. Given the current circumstances and the lack of clarity about whether there is a Criminal Code exemption for nurses under the Carter decision, participating in physician-assisted dying at this time could put nurses at risk, legally and professionally.

CRNBC advises nurses to avoid initiating a discussion about PAD with patients or their families. If approached for information about PAD by patients or families, nurses should recommend they discuss the matter with a physician.

If you are approached to participate in PAD, we recommend you seek an independent legal opinion regarding your specific situation. Nurses may also want to consider speaking with their supervisor, or workplace contacts in risk management or professional practice.

And when nurses are allowed to kill patients at the order of a doctor, those who have religious or philosophical conscience objections will have to hire a lawyer just to retain their jobs.

What a twisted world we are weaving, where nurses are asked to kill and are advised to retain lawyers just to practice their profession.


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