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Nussle on Giuliani

Here’s a pro-Giuliani bit from Jim Nussle that I pass along for what it’s worth:

Dear Rich, I wanted to share with conservatives why I’m supporting Mayor Giuliani.  As a proud and consistent conservative Republican, I want our Party and our ideas to have a voice.  Even more importantly, I want our Party and our ideas to achieve meaningful results.

“Perfect” has become the enemy of the “good”, and we saw that borne out during this past November’s elections.  I am hopeful that our Party will avoid needless debates over a non-existent perfect candidate. 

It is true that Mayor Giuliani and I don’t agree on every issue.  My support for a person who doesn’t see eye to eye with me on all issues doesn’t mean that I am turning my back on those beliefs.  But our country is at a crossroads and we cannot forsake progress for perfection. 

I have chosen to support Mayor Giuliani because I believe we need to embrace the ideals and the values that unite us.  It is the only way we can successfully move forward as both a Party and a country.

Rudy Giuliani is the results Republican our country needs. Mayor Giuliani took office facing difficult challenges.  New York City was littered with crime, corruption and decay.  The city’s murder rate was so high that an uncommon day was one with only a few murders. 

The Mayor led a team that reduced crime and reformed welfare.  He cut taxes 23 times while actually reducing the size of the City bureaucracy.  The Mayor transformed a historic deficit into a multi-billion dollar surplus with a balanced budget.  New York City became a safe place for families and small businesses to invest in their future. In Rudy Giuliani, New Yorkers had a leader. One they could believe in. 

All of this he did before the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  That day the rest of the world witnessed Mayor Giuliani’s steady and principled leadership firsthand. 

Today, America needs to make progress in so many difficult areas, and on so many fronts that while addressing challenges with philosophical absolutes makes for good rhetoric, it oftentimes achieves little by way of results.

After over 20 years in public service, I am still confident that free enterprise, living the American Dream and putting the protection of our nation first are the right ideals for the direction of this country. 

Rudy Giuliani has consistently governed under these ideals, turning rhetoric into results, which is why I am confident President Rudy Giuliani will be best for our country come November 2008.

Rich Lowry — Rich Lowry is the editor of National Review. He can be reached via email: 

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