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The Nutjobs & Me

I’m still being deluged with nutjobbery and conspiro-babble. In particular, I’m being held to account for the “obvious,”  “glaring” and “damning” facts behind the “downing” of WTC7. Anyway, some complain  that I’m only posting the craziest stuff. So here’s a grammatically presentable email from one such aggrieved party which — believe me — is more sober and less anti-Semitic than most:

Jonah, the lack of critical thinking in your article which was carried in my city’s newspaper is quite striking.  A conspiracy theory is basically a hypothesis created from evidence, testimony, and whatever apparent facts are available.  In the legal system, prosecutors present conspiracy theories in court every day as they seek to convince a judge or jury of the veracity of charges leveled against a defendant or defendants.  You seem unwilling to discuss the proposed list of facts and testimony related to the 911 matter, instead claiming the issue has been debunked by alleged authorities such as Popular Mechanics (a magazine which fell under the editorial influence of a relative of Homeland Security honcho Chertoff, one of the persons seen as a suspect in the 911 situation).  You theorize as to the psychological workings of people who give credence to theories you don’t like, yet ignore whatever psychological workings may underlie your own belief in the theory that 911 was just the work of Muslim plotters – plotters allegedly organized by Bin Laden, a long time CIA/ISI asset and member of a family with close business ties to the Bush Family.  There were numerous documented warnings to the Bush Administration and US agencies, some with specific locations and dates for the attacks – one such warning was entered as evidence in a Canadian court case prior to 911, as the US defendant claimed to be a Naval Intelligence operative and was in possession of a copy of a letter from S. Hussein’s son to V. Putin concerning the coming attacks.  The Bush Administration feigned shock on 911 (while there had been military exercises and terror drills the morning of 911 that overtly were designed to prepare for such events and in reality served to prevent any interference with the attacks) while hours later pointing fingers at Bin Laden and 19 pictured men associated with Muslim names (there have been signs that at least some of those names were stolen identities, and the pictured men were observed by multiple witnesses prior to 911 engaged in partying in a manner incompatible with Islamic religious fundamentalism).  Israeli intelligence operatives were detained and soon released by US authorities, who admitted to FOX News that the Israeli intelligence operatives had some connection to the 911 situation.  Even the DEA reported that Mossad operatives were found drug trafficking in the USA.  A kindergartner could tell there is a lot not kosher here, but perhaps you are Jewish and unwilling to acknowledge any corrupt or harmful behavior carried out by others from your culture or faith.  I really don’t know – that’s just a speculation about psychological reasons why you might not want to deal with facts inconvenient to your paradigm or worldview.  I have personally investigated the information related to 911 since it happened, have seen the publicly available evidence and testimony.  I’ve received testimony from victim family members (this includes Jewish family members) who believe there is a cover-up.  As people have had time to look at the facts the numbers of adherents to theories of government complicity have grown – now a majority of people in NYC, including police & fire/rescue personnel and victim families believe in government complicity.  The ongoing coverup further fuels theories of Zionist conspiracies since there is a disproportionate amount of people with Jewish names in positions of ownership and editorial influence in the US Media.  If the Jewish people fail to expose the criminals in their midst they set themselves up to be the scapegoats of outrage directed at punishing those responsible for such crimes.  History has a way of repeating itself thematically even if the details are different in different eras. Incidentally, it was accepted historical fact that levees were intentionally blown in New Orleans decades earlier to protect some neighborhoods at the expense of others when the area was struck by a hurricane.  Numerous witnesses claimed that they observed the levees blown by design during Katrina’s aftermath, yet you discount the witnesses and precedent and consider people unpatriotic because they present views that dissent from the flimsy beliefs you hold.  America allegedly is a country that values freedom of speech and thought as well as justice for its citizens – yet there has been no prosecution of persons alleged to have orchestrated the 911 attacks, with the vast majority of persons detained after 911 having been released or faced with minor, unrelated charges such as immigration violations.  Cases overseas have been dropped because the USA failed to provide evidence to prosecute defendants – so much for wishing to bring terrorists to justice.  The only logical conclusion here for me is that multiple factions acted in concert to create the 911 events – powerful corporate and financial interests, Islamic and Jewish religious or national zealots, global government planning organizations, and international organized crime families and cartels.  There are layers of evidence involving all of the above.  Furthermore, there are many people who have benfitted from maintaining the coverup, although it appears that some major powerful interest associated with 911 has chosen to let 911 Truth ideas hit the mainstream media, perhaps to pressure another co-conspiratorial faction that is more vulnerable to exposure.  My only suggestion to you is to deprogram and re-educate yourself if you wish to have a better understanding of the world you live in. 

Me: Obviously, I’m not inclined to take these people seriously, particularly on the nearly omnipresent Jew-baiting.  But there’s one rhetorical point even the relatively mainstream folk have raised which I think should be batted down. It is not that I think there is no such thing as conspiracies. The writer is surely correct about that. But to suggest that because there are small criminal conspiracies of the everyday variety there’s no reason to believe that hundreds if not tens of thousands of government agency employees are “in” on such a complex and improbable scenario of mass-murder as coordinating the hijacking of four planes so as to divert attention from a huge bombing operation which must have been set up days or weeks in advance without a single eye-witness. And then the enormous cover-up that would be required for such an operation. But even saying this makes me feel dirty for taking these people this seriously.