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Ny Dem Senator Backing Roberts

Rev. Ruben Diaz, who also serves as Democrat state senator representing The Bronx, took scores of fellow NYC Hispanic clergymen to Washington today, where they held a rally to back John Roberts for Chief Justice. Squirm Hillary! Squirm Chuck! Viva Diaz! Here’s the text of the good NY Dem Senator’s statement:

Statement in Support of Judge John Roberts

Washington, DC, Thursday, September 8, 2005

My name is Reverend Ruben Diaz. I am a New York State Senator – a Democrat — representing the 32nd Senatorial District in The Bronx. I am also a Pastor and the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization.

Today, I am here, together with 150 members of the New York Hispanic Evangelical Community to let our legislators, the Hon. Senator Charles Schumer and the Hon. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, know that these members of the Clergy are here representing thousands of members of New York’s Hispanic Community who support the nomination of Judge John Roberts as Chief Justice to the US Supreme Court, and to ask for fair Senate confirmation hearings.

First: We strongly support President Bush’s nomination of Judge John Roberts to fill the vacancy left by the late Chief Justice William Renhquist.

Second: Judge Roberts judicial background, his knowledge of the law, his humility, integrity, and his vast experience make him highly qualified for this position.

Third: The United States Constitution, in Article 1, Clause 3, states: “No Religious test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”.

Fourth: During the Senate Confirmation Hearings, Judge Roberts should not be asked or forced to answer any questions that will make him prejudge any cases that may come before the Supreme Court.

Fifth: Judge Roberts should be given the same fair treatment that was offered to Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg during her Senate confirmation hearings in 1994, and he should not be treated as was the Honorable Miguel Estrada and other well-qualified Bush nominees.

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