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Ny Dems Seize The Food Cart

In her column this morning, Tina Brown appears to compare New York Democrats to the passengers of Flight 93 who rebelled against their terrorist hijackers. And the terrorist hijackers in Brown’s scenario are…the Bush administration. “Even though it is so familiar in our imaginations,” Brown writes,


it is still a wonderful moment in the upcoming Discovery documentary “The Flight That Fought Back” when the doomed passengers on Flight 93 seize the food cart and race it down the aisle toward the cockpit like a battering ram, united in courage and rage. During the preview at the Bryant Park Hotel in Manhattan, you could feel the exhalation of tension in the audience, the wish fulfillment, the satisfaction at the virility of the gesture.


New York may have superficially recovered since September 11, 2001, but the Bush victory in the election last year left a hangover of self-doubt that drained the city’s mojo. Katrina’s perfect meteorological and political storm has at least blown away that mood. New York’s sullen sense of carrying around a deviant secret – that President Bush is an empty flight suit – has gone with the wind.

After having to endure the indignity of the president’s re-nomination in Madison Square Garden and the defeat of John Kerry in last year’s election, Brown writes, post-Katrina Democrats, like those passengers who died on Flight 93, have been spurred to fight back in the best way they know how — in this case, not with a food cart, but with emails and political contributions:



But now, in Katrina’s aftermath, there’s something different in the air: the scent of insurrection. The needless torment of New Orleans has reignited the dormant passions of the election. E-mails are flying again between friends who’ve been out of touch for months, enclosing Web links to new polemics of disgust. The big donors with wallet fatigue after Senator Kerry’s loss are ready to write checks again, big time, for any Democrat who shows courage.




Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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