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N.Y. Paper Removes Infamous Gun Map

The Journal News, a liberal paper in tony Westchester County, N.Y., which three weeks ago put up on its website a map pinpointing everyone in Rockland and Westchester Counties who had a legal permit to own a handgun, has cried uncle. The map vanished from its website on Friday, with Janet Hasson, the paper’s publisher, saying she was complying with “the spirit” of a new law passed by New York’s Democratic legislature that allowed gun permit holders to not have their personal information publicly released.

As I wrote on January 7, the gun map stirred up an enormous amount of public outrage because it left non-gun owners vulnerable to burglars. Gun owners were also angered because it left them exposed to public vilification or worse. Indeed, one impetus for the Journal News’ retreat may have been the news that a second home listed as being occupied by gun-permit holders was burglarized by thieves in search of guns they could steal and sell on the black market.


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