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NY Post: ‘Scared NYPD Cops Letting Minor Crimes Slide’

No surprises here. Via the NY Post:

With cops on edge following the assassination of two patrol officers on a Brooklyn street, many officers have started turning a blind eye to some minor crimes, sources told The Post, while a union mandate that two patrol cars respond to all police calls has led to slower response times to non-emergencies.

“I’m not writing any summonses. Do you think I’m going to stand there so someone can shoot me or hit me in the head with an ax?” one cop said Sunday, referring to the Dec. 20 slayings and another recent attack on the NYPD.

“I’m concerned about my safety,” the cop added. “I want to go to home to my wife and kids.”

An NYPD supervisor noted, “My guys are writing almost no summonses, and probably only making arrests when they have to — like when a store catches a shoplifter.”

Yes, New York City police officers swear to “protect and serve.” But when your mayor takes advice from Al Sharpton, your president hints that police departments are bastions of systemic racism, and a Department of Justice prosecution is considered a fail-safe when a grand jury refuses to indict — meanwhile protesters swarm the streets calling for dead cops — it is hard to blame officers who might try to minimize the protecting and serving they have to do.


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