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NYT Writer Explains Huckabee’s Mormon Remarks

I don’t know how I missed this yesterday, but The Politico tracked down Zev Chafets, the writer of the now infamous Huckabee profile and asked him about the controversy over Huck’s Mormon comments. Huckabee’s defense thus far has been that Chafets is “fairly well-schooled” about comparative religions and that the comment slipped out as part of a wide ranging discussion, with the implication that his comment was as a result of what Chafets was telling him about Mormons. Here’s what Chafets had to say:

Reached Wednesday in Cooperstown, N.Y., where he’s writing a book on the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Chafets told Politico: “I asked him the question about Mormonism and whether he thought it was a religion or a cult.

“He said it was a religion, and didn’t know much about it. There was a pause. Then he asked his question,” Chafets continued.

“He can spin it any way he wants. It was on the wires and picked up by candidates, and I can’t be accountable for that,” Chafets said, adding, “I hope that the article, as I wrote it, was entirely in context.”

Lieberman [Chafets’ editor] said she also understood that Huckabee’s question “was an unbidden response.”

If Chafets is to be believed, Huckabee’s defense doesn’t hold a lot of water.


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