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The NYT’s Unbelievable Takeaway from the Ferguson Police Shootings

Two police officers are shot in cold blood in Ferguson, Mo., and the New York Times sees an attack not on civilization itself but on the anti-police protest movement. From today’s front-page story “Just as Ferguson Was Making Progress, Shooting Deals a Setback”:

Just as Ferguson seemed to be moving past the stunning abuses detailed by the federal authorities, having shed its city manager, police chief, municipal judge and other officials accused of running a racially biased legal system, those four gunshots threatened to reopen the well of anger, unrest and racial tension that has stifled life here since Mr. Brown’s death last summer from shots fired by a white police officer.

“To actually have the police injured by gunshots — that is not even a small setback, it is a real setback,” said Courtney Curtis, a Democratic state representative whose district includes Ferguson. “It takes away the forward momentum the protesters did have.”

Good thing the officers weren’t killed. That might have inhibited the protests for, say, a week. As it was, the demonstrations were up and running again last night, demanding the firing of the entire police force.


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