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O Broder, Where Art Thou?

When Jonah noted David Gergen’s savage knee to the groin and broken bottle in the eye socket a week ago, he mused: “Coming next Broderite dyspepsia?”

Here it is. The Dean upturns the bar table and breaks a chair over the President’s head — “End of Obama’s honeymoon“:

It is not too soon to say that the Obama honeymoon is over. His critics in Washington and around the world have found their voices, and they are subjecting his administration to the kind of skeptical questioning that is normal for chief executives once they settle into their jobs.

Obama still enjoys broad public support, but it is stronger for him personally than for his policies. Some of those policies are bafflingly complex, and all of them are untested.

Among those who follow government closely, there has been an unmistakable change in tone in the past few weeks. These are not little Rush Limbaughs hoping that Obama fails. They are politicians and journalists measuring him with the same skeptical eye they apply to everyone else.

So don’t worry, he’s not joining what that Democrat competition-winning wit would call ”a RUSH to failure.” It’s a judicious measured bipartisan government-following tone-shifting tentative first step to failure.

Obama was foolish to launch the trillion-dollar stuff during “tax season*”, when even upscale liberals are thinking about where they’re likely to be in a year’s time.

(*Yes, yes, I know: The fact that tax requires an entire season of its own is a big part of the problem.)

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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