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I’m at the Dayton airport. If you’re online now — I’m the heavyset dude sitting uncomfortably on the floor by the phone booths.

Anyway, I’m heading to San Diego for another speech (Not open to the public alas). But I’ll try to check-in from O’Hare. First I want to thank all the NRO-niks and Cornerites who showed up for the debate last night. I think it went very well, all things considered. Second, I’ll have more on the debate in a bit.

But let me agree with Ramesh about the global test thing. Of course, it’s fair game and relevant. Kerry’s denies there’s a foreign power veto on our national security. Fine. So what? The question is at what level does Kerry believe our national security kicks in to the point where he’s disregard other countries? He said in the convention that he’ll always respond to an attack. But the whole point of preemption is that responding to attacks isn’t good enough. The global test raises the issue of, At what threshhold does Kerry think bucking the French and the UN is worthwhile?

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