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Obama and Cuba

We have published an editorial. Elliott Abrams has written an article. And Rich Lowry has written a column. I have nothing to add to them, really. I might say two things, however:

1) Obama feels unshackled, liberated. After the midterm elections, he did his unilateral amnesty. A few weeks later, he granted the Castros full recognition. In a sense, he gave them a unilateral amnesty.

He has nothing to fear, nothing to check him — certainly not the voters. And he has a full two years left to go. That’s a long time. Obama can inflict a lot of damage — a lot of further damage — in two years.

What’s next? What’s his next move?

The left-wing candy shop is open. Obama is free to act on his left-most impulses. You can almost see the delight in his face and in his body language.

I half-expect him to appear in a Che Guevara T-shirt . . .

2) For many years, I have thought, “The U.S. will lift the embargo shortly before the Cuban dictatorship collapses — and everyone will say it was because of the lifting of the embargo.”

I believe — i.e., I believe experts who believe — that the dictatorship will soon collapse. People will then credit Obama. They’ll say, “See? Should have done it years before!”

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