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Obama and Biden Reunited as Murder-Solving Sleuths

(Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Yearning for Obama’s paradise lost has driven some liberals to pursue hilarious forms of catharses. But this one may take the cake. In Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer, the former president and Joe Biden (his trusty sidekick) are recast as amateur sleuths solving a murder — be sure to check out the cover art — as they bemoan what has become of the country.

From the USA Today review by Brian Truitt:

Set some months after the 2016 election, the book starts by playing into public perceptions of its main players.

“Amtrak Joe” spent decades traveling via train from Delaware to D.C. when he was in Congress, so when his favorite railroad conductor dies under shady circumstances, Biden takes it upon himself to find out the truth. The situation comes at a complicated point for Joe, who’s wrestling with mortality, how to still best serve the USA, and why Barack can’t be bothered to call.

With an entrance straight out of a James Bond film, Barack shows up to give Joe some secret lowdown on the conductor’s mysterious death — ruled a suicide by authorities — that makes the ex-VP wonder if foul play might have been involved.

The twosome, with Secret Service agent Steve in tow, head off on a twisty adventure through the mean streets of Wilmington, Delaware, encountering greasy diners, biker bars, dangerous life-insurance investigators, an ambitious and dogged cop tired of their shenanigans (she’s a Republican, naturally), and one awkward night in a cheap, rat-infested hotel room.

Apparently, this is only the first in a series of bromance crime-busting novels featuring the former POTUS and VPOTUS. Agatha Christie, call your lawyer!

It’s elementary, my dear Biden. If Lincoln could be fictionally recast as a vampire hunter, and with their legacy now in ashes, perhaps starring in murder mysteries is their best chance to keep #TheResistance alive.


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