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Obama Campaign: We’re United. We Really Are. Really.

The Obama campaign is on a conference call with reporters bright and early this morning, trying to shoot down reports that there is, shall we say, tension between the Obama and Clinton camps as the Democratic convention begins.  “Sen. Clinton and her campaign have been wonderful partners in working on this convention with us,” Obama adviser Anita Dunn said a few minutes ago.  “There may be people on the periphery of both operations who believe that, for whatever reason, this is a storyline they want to promote, but this is not the case with the people who actually matter, which is Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama.”

Dunn also gave the clear impression that the Obama campaign is a bit irritated by the barrage of quick-response negative ads coming out of the McCain campaign.  “This is a stunt and a distraction,” she said.  “It’s not about reaching voters but simply about reaching the media and promoting a story line…You and I know that at the end of the day they’re not going to run these ads…they’re simply putting them out as video press releases.”  


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