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Obama Is ‘Cold and Aloof’ Because the Media Doesn’t Appreciate How Good a Father He Is

As is glaringly obvious to anyone following such things, the world media is especially harsh it in its treatment of Barack Obama and has been so from the moment he broke onto the national scene in 2004. This week, Obama complains to Time magazine’s Fareed Zakaria that his “cold and aloof” reputation is the product of the press corps’ misunderstanding him. The problem? The president sacrifices attending “Washington parties” in order to spend more time with his family (and play golf with John Boehner), which leaves him out of the “mix,” leaving a false impression that he is aloof. Not since Newt Gingrich explained that he had to commit adultery in service of American freedom have I felt so guilty for misjudging a politician.

If only the president would make some speeches, present himself more thoroughly to the world, and talk about himself for once, then maybe we’d be able to get a better indication of his personality. Until then, however, we’ll just have to make do with the brutal treatment that Obama gets at the hands of a hostile media class, and try and figure out as much as we can from his rare forays into the public sphere.


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