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Obama DOJ Shovels Out More Grist for Foreign Prosecutions of Bush Officials

Well, the hyper-”transparent” Obama administration won’t share any of its internal deliberations on matters about which there is no good reason to keep the public in the dark — e.g., its strong-arming in Honduras, its dismissal of a slam-dunk civil-rights case against the New Black Panther Party, and the legal analysis by DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel that explains why the D.C. Voting Rights Bill is unconstitutional — but it continues to shovel out previously classified information about interrogation techniques the CIA used against top terrorists to obtain life-saving information.

The New York Times reports that on Friday, DOJ released “hundreds of pages of partially declassified documents” on the interrogations. Ostensibly, they were released pursuant to Freedom of Information Act demands by the ACLU and Judicial Watch. But as I’ve noted before, there are FOIA provisions the administration could use to withhold this information — Obama is releasing this material because he wants to, not because he has to.

The Justice Department’s actions are consistent with the theory I’ve previously offered that the Obama administration is intentionally feeding left-wing lawyers who are trying to persuade foreign courts to prosecute Bush administration officials for actions taken in defense of the United States. This way, Obama and Holder can give the Left the “reckoning” they promised without having to do the dirty and politically explosive work of prosecution themselves. The question is whether they’ll get away with it — that’s up to the public.