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The Obama Effect

Since it’s Monday, after a Sunday, and Obama is being considered the nominee by very many, this is worth revisiting:

Bill Bennett had Gary MacDougal, author of Make a Difference: A Spectacular Breakthrough in the Fight Against Poverty on his show this morning. MacDougal’s oped from last weekend is worth reading if you missed it first time around, because it gets to one of the main reasons Barack Obama is bad for America — he props up those who would only hinder the American dream and hurt people who need real hope, not Obama. Here’s how he began:

Consider the corrosive effect Wright and others like him have on their communities as they rob thousands of listeners of the American dream: hope that through their hard work they can have better lives.

Imagine getting up each morning to go to work in a society that doesn’t want you, doesn’t respect you and seeks to hold you back. Your spiritual leader has told you this, after all. With powerful rhetoric, Wright has asserted, for instance, that white America sees black women as useful only for their bodies. If this is the message you got from your mentor, would you expect that you could succeed? Would you try very hard, if at all?


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