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Is Obama the Hannah Montana Candidate?

I think Obamania and the youth craze may be wearing off, as voters are starting to see that there is no there there…

Consider the latest 70 million barrels ploy.

AP reports: “In a reversal, Barack Obama proposed Monday that the government sell 70 million barrels of oil from its strategic petroleum stockpile to help reduce gasoline prices.”

But wait — we have heard nothing from Obama the last 6 months other than a few million additional barrels per day would not make any difference at all. In contrast, 70 million taken out of the reserve equals less than 4 days consumption by Americans, so how can that suddenly matter when a million per day from ANWR or off the coasts and the shelf supposedly would not? Aside from the bad precedent of tapping into a reserve that may some day be necessary — given the prairie-fire nature of the Middle East– how can this short-short term fix (10 weeks of ANWR) be of any value other than to deflect charges Obama’s remedies will do nothing to lower gas prices?

What we are seeing is a sad sort of desperation brought on prior sanctimonious assurances for months that ‘wind, solar, and green’ would get us out of this mess — not a transitional period to alternate energies based on more domestic production of clean coal, nuclear, and domestic natural gas and oil to avoid giving ever more trillions to suspect regimes.

Think of it — in less than a week we are told the answer to high gas prices is to fill our tires with more air and thereby avoid all new drilling, and now to tap into the reserve to get 4-days worth of additional oil. Examine the crazy logic: for months we were not supposed to drill inside the US or its waters to get new supplies, but now we are supposed to pump from limited, finite supplies.

Like the Congressional idea to sue OPEC or beg the Saudis to pump an additional 300,000 barrels a day, this try-anything-that-comes-to-mind approach to energy is not just silly, but downright scary — and it too, along with Obama’s race-card preemptive strikes, will ultimately contribute to a further erosion to his stature in the polls.

At some point very soon, millions of Democrats are going to wake up from their hypnoses and realize that they have spurned a veteran Hillary who would have waged a tough, professional campaign in a sure-win Democratic year for a rookie Senator without any record or experience. Again, McCain is the only Republican candidate this strange year who could have won, and a green Obama may be the only Democratic who could have lost.


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