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Obama: Health-Care Law Needs to Work ‘For the Sake of Economic Security’

Laying out his agenda to address income inequality, President Obama said his signature health-care law was vital in that effort.

By highlighting some of Obamacare’s benefits to budgets on federal, state, and local levels as well as to corporations and small businesses, the president argued that “for the sake of our economic security, it needs to work.” He said the law is already working and will continue to if opponents stop their efforts to try to get rid of it.

Throughout his speech, the president cited figures such as Pope Francis and Adam Smith as he lamented the “profoundly unequal” income distribution in the United States, saying that “we are a better country than this.” He called for initiatives such as increasing the minimum wage, infrastructure projects, and universal pre-kindergarten education to combat inequality, which poses a “fundamental threat to the American dream.”


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