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Obama Humor

Barack Obama has released a list of the five jokes you may tell about him without giving offense. Here they are.

Since Obama humor seems to be this week’s topic, I suggest we have a contest. Readers are invited to supply the punch line to any or all of the following Obama-joke openers. Prizes to be announced.

How many members of the Obama household does it take to screw in a light bulb?”Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Barack Hussein Obama.”

“Barack Hussein Obama who?”

[The “Hussein” can be omitted if necessary to improve the punch line, or for contestants who are actually members of the Obama campaign staff.]A priest, a rabbi, an imam, and Barack Obama are in a plane when the engines fail and the plane begins to go down. Opening the emergency locker, they find only three parachutes.Arrested and imprisoned by a racist criminal-justice system, Barack Obama finds himself in the maximum-security wing among a group of lifers swapping jokes. “43,” says one lifer. The others all roar with laughter. “17,” says another. More laughter. Obama: “Excuse me, I don’t get it. What’s so funny about those numbers?” One of the lifers explains: “We’ve been here so long, see, we all know each other’s jokes. So to save ourselves trouble, we’ve just numbered them. Everyone knows which joke is which number.” Obama: “I see. All right, may I tell a joke?” The lifers nod agreement. “Um, 89,” says Obama. Nobody laughs. Obama: “Why is nobody laughing?”Barack Obama’s sitting at a bar when a man comes up to him and says: “Wanna hear a Barack Obama joke?” Obama: “Er, hold on there, buddy — I am Barack Obama.”


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