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Obama: If Michelle Lived in Rural Iowa, She’d Want a Gun, Too

Campaigning for the gun-control legislation set to come before the Senate, President Obama today urged mutual understanding and said he and his wife have come to appreciate the perspective of gun owners across the country. 

In remarks at the Denver Police Academy in Denver, Colo., he said that, after campaigning in rural Iowa, Michelle Obama told him, “You know, if I was living out on a farm in Iowa, I’d probably want a gun, too. When somebody just drives up into your driveway and you’re not home, you don’t know who these people are, you don’t know how long it’s going to take for the sheriffs to respond, I can see what you’d want some guns for protection.” 

“We just need to put each other in the other person’s shoes,” the president explained, urging hunters and sportsmen to imagine what it feels like to be a mother who has lost her son to a random act of violence, and vice versa. 

Obama also emphasized the importance of passing a bill that would mandate universal background checks and criticized the five Republican senators who have expressed their intention to filibuster the legislation. “They’re saying your opinion doesn’t matter,” he argued, accusing GOP lawmakers of trying to “run out the clock,” “change the subject,” and “ignore the American people.”


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