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Krauthammer’s Take: Obama ‘Caved’ on Inspections, Now Iran Is Developing a Nuclear Weapon

Charles Krauthammer argued that the Iran nuclear deal allows for a weapon to be developed since only one part of the process is even being delayed at all, and the inspections are too weak to seriously impede Iran:

There is no contradiction whatsoever in our position. You need three things to develop a usable nuclear weapon. No. 1, you need the fissile material. No. 2, you have to weaponize it, you have to make it explode. And that, it was revealed today, they have been working on assiduously. Third, you need the ballistic missiles that will deliver them. The problem is that the Obama administration looked only at the fissile element. So technically speaking you can say that, yes it is a frozen program, they are not increasing the amount of enriched uranium.

But what the Iranians are doing — and this is so obvious a child can see it — is while the program on the fissile material is frozen, they’re working rapidly on the weaponization, which is the other part you need, and of course, on the ballistic missiles which we can see. The weaponization is in a military facility called Parchin. It was supposed to have been investigated under the Obama administration and before the signing of the agreement. To make sure it hadn’t been used in the past for weaponization. Of course, Obama and Kerry caved on that, never did. We are not allowed to inspect. We allowed the Iranians to inspect themselves on Parchin, which was a joke. So yes, they are developing a nuclear weapon. It is a violation of the spirit of the agreement, because the way they look at it, in half a decade, they will be able to resume the fissile material, the enriching uranium, they will have weaponized, and they will have the missiles.

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