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Obama Joke-O-Rama (cont.)

OK, now the “Knock, knock” joke.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Barack Hussein Obama.”

“Barack Hussein Obama who?”

[The “Hussein” can be omitted if necessary to improve the punch line, or for contestants who are actually members of the Obama campaign staff.]

Suggested punch lines:

[A lot of cynics out there]  That depends. Is this the primary or the general election?Knock, knock … Who’s there? … Jeremiah Wright … Jeremiah Wright who? … Aw, come on, Barack, you know who I am![Several of this one]  Barack who’s-sayin’-I’m-a-Muslim? Obama.[… along with this one]  Barack who’s-sayin’-whatever-he-must-to-get-your-vote Obama.”Barack Hussein Obama.”

“That’s inflammatory.”

[Then, in a follow-up, this punchline for the prisoner joke:]  The lifer explains: “We just don’t care for inflammatory knock-knock jokes.”Barack Hussein Obama who? Well my dear sir, perhaps 300 hours of mandatory Community Service will refresh your memory. Take him away![Some groaners, inevitably]  Barack Hussein Obama’s brother, Sweet Home Al Obama. (Cue Leonard Skynnard music in background).


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