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Obama Last Night & the Military

From someone who knows:

the Obama military anecdote was absolute rubbish on so many levels.  First, on his understanding of the military:  Captains don’t command platoons, Second, we don’t split platoons between Iraq and Afghanistan, not even companies, battalions, or brigades.  Sometimes divisions but by then you’re talking about a 12-15,000 man organization so splits make sense.  Done it since WWI at that level and even below.  The idea that one of the lowest level organizations in the army (a 40 person platoon) is split between a war with 40,000 troops in it and another war with 120,000 is beyond silly.  If Clinton knew better herself, she could have slammed him for knowing nothing about the military, but she’s not in much better shape there herself.

As for the substance, absolute crap.  Lots of things happen in a complex theater like Afghanistan but I don’t know anybody who has heard anything even close to that story in 6.5 years military involvement there.


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