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The Obama Mass

A friend and respected political analyst sent me this e-mail (he gave me permission to reprint anonymously):

Hey, Jonah –  It’s [Name withheld]

I wanted to share a quick thought with you.  Just between us.  Don’t you

think there is something a tad…fascistic about the Obama campaign’s

presentation of its candidate?

What I am struck by is its obvious efforts to make it appear like his

campaign is a mass-based phenomenon, which it really isn’t.  If you look

carefully, he isn’t winning anything more than upscale social liberals and

blacks.  But he holds a 70,000+ rally in Oregon, and people think that it is

mass based – in part b/c they don’t understand the simple enormity of mass

participatory elections.  I recall that he held a 35,000 person rally the

night or weekend or something before the PA primary, which he proceeded to

lose by 200,000 votes.

Clearly, he’s conned the super delegates who are about to nominate a

candidate whose appeal so far is no wider than McGovern’s.

The whole thing reminds me of The Sting.  Make it look like you have a

groundswell of support while it’s really just based upon upscale social

libs, blacks, and caucus organization (I can really tell he’s got Daley’s

people working for him).

Hope you’re well.


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