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Obama Misses

Looking at the festival of Olympischenfreude on Drudge and elsewhere, I have to ask what this episode tells us about Obama’s character. Because the fix was clearly not in, we know that Obama went on a very public, very high-profile mission without any assurance of success, and with a possibility of the exact kind of humiliation his political opponents are enjoying so immensely today. But he went anyway. This says to me, Wow, what a secure guy. “I’ll try to make the three-pointer; if I miss, no big whoop, I’ll still be cool.” But here’s the thing: When George W. Bush had exactly the same sort of security — this sense of being comfortable in his own skin, with his views and intuitions — didn’t millions of the anti-Bush folks use it as dispositive evidence that the man was a) arrogant and b) delusional? I’m not going to jump to that conclusion with Obama, any more than I did with Bush, but I think a little fairness is in order.

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