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Obama Moves

If anybody doubted that Sen. Barack Obama is giving a long and very serious look at a WH bid, check this item out from The State’s retiring (and respected) Lee Bandy:

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., who had lunch with Obama recently, declined to handicap the race “until I see what the field looks like.”

Clyburn, House majority whip, said Obama requested the meeting.

“He didn’t ask for my support, and I didn’t offer any,” the congressman said.

The two most notable lines, of course, are “had lunch with Obama recently” and “Obama requested the meeting.” Maybe the freshman senator just wants to get to know the highest-ranking African-American member of Congress (Clyburn will become the Maj Whip in January), but methinks their powwow more to do with Clyburn’s status as the biggest prize in South Carolina Democratic politics. 


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