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Obama: No Immigration Reform Before August Recess

President Obama, interviewed by Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo on Tuesday, admitted that he is not optimistic that Congress will pass an immigration bill before the August recess.

Immigration reform by the end of the summer was originally the president’s goal, but he believes that Republican opposition in the House will keep the Senate bill from moving forward.

“If in fact the House recognized the smart thing, the right thing to do was to go ahead and send the Senate bill to the floor for a vote, I think it would pass tomorrow,” Obama told Telemundo. He added that ”the House has been struggling with a lot of legislation lately,” because of resistance by the GOP. The president then credited this reluctance to address immigration to Republican fears about what demographic changes in the country would mean for the political future of the party.

In his interview for Univision, Obama emphasized that immigration reform must be “legislative” rather than the product of executive action, and that the final bill would need to be comprehensive and include a path to citizenship.



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